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Miami Skyline

Posted by blueheronbobcat on June 6, 2010

I recently spent a few days in Miami and had a beautiful view of the city from my hotel room.  Although it was quite rainy each afternoon and evening, I was able to get a few good shots of the Miami skyline.  The first photo is one that was taken in the early evening.  The original photo was pretty but I applied a nighttime effect to it.  The second photo is a 3 shot HDR composite taken at night, and I did a pastel filter on it provided by NIK software.  So, to clarify a confusing explanation, the first photo is a daytime photo with a nighttime filter effect, and the second photo is a nighttime HDR composite that looks more like a daytime shot (except for the city lights which are illuminated).  Go figure….

Early evening shot with Night Time filter applied.

Nighttime HDR with pastel filter applied.


12 Responses to “Miami Skyline”

  1. Sean Kane said

    Wow, great images of the skyline. The nighttime one really grabbed me!

  2. Debbie Carter said

    I think Miami is such a fascinating and beautiful city. I really liked the top picture!

    • I have driven through Miami a few times before but this was my first time actually exploring the city. I found it fascinating also. Now I need a few days to get back into the swing of things (you know how it is when vacation ends and real life begins again). Thanks for your comment.

  3. Those filters do amazing stuff to photos. Are you using Photoshop? I recently invested in Lightroom.

    • Alan, I currently use Paint Shop Photo Pro X3, and a couple of filter packs that I really like. Topaz Adjust and NIK photo effects are my favorites. I haven’t tried lightroom yet. Thanks for visiting my site.

  4. Barbara said

    WOW!!!!!!! These are amazing shots! So vivid and sharp!

  5. Anna said

    Wow-wee! Both are beautifully well composed and the effects awesome. I love city skylines, and these are wonderful!

  6. Preston said

    I enjoyed both photos and understand how you used the filters to make them look as they do. I really like the pastel one the best. Something about the colors are real nice.

    • Preston, I like the pastel one a little better also. I’ve been working on some of the other Miami skyline photos that I took and I’ll post some of them soon. Thanks for commenting.

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