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  • This blog is mostly devoted to photography. I'm still learning, and each photograph I take teaches me more about how to do it better the next time.

    I like this quote by Jacques-Henri Lartigue: “I take photographs with love, so I try to make them art objects. But I make them for myself first and foremost - that is important.”

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Cinderella’s Slippers

Posted by blueheronbobcat on July 14, 2010

These are some shoes that Briana (see post below) was going to wear for our photo session, but we never got around to using them. They looked pretty on the front porch in front of the rocking chair. I wasn’t going to photograph them but I was coaxed into it by my wife. I’m glad I did.


20 Responses to “Cinderella’s Slippers”

  1. great shot! I love the effects.

  2. Preston said

    This is a fantastic photo. It is amazing what can make a great composition. I can look at this photo for a long long time.

  3. greysqrl said

    Yeah, this shot works very well, the simple set up, the lines of the chair and the porch, and the position and colour oft he shoes. Very nicely done. Did you grey everything but the shoes in PP? I really do like this shot a lot…

    • Greysqrl, thanks for visiting and commenting. The colors in the photo are pretty much original, but I used a nighttime filter to darken the wood planks and the chair a little bit. I then masked the original shoes back in. I also put a vignette on the corners and, of course, added the digital frame.

  4. Anna said

    What a great photo! I love how you processed this and the shoes do look like Cinderella’s slippers. Excellent!

  5. Barbara said

    A gorgeous photo in all of its simplicity!

  6. aswirly said

    Hey Mike. It’s nice to discover your blog!:) I’m loving this comp with the shoes. Very nice. The selective coloring is captivating.

    • Thanks Amber. I’m glad you stopped by. I didn’t spend a lot of time taking the picture, and I didn’t think the photo would turn out as nice as it did when I took it. Sometimes spur of the moment shots turn out better than those I try to put a lot of thought into.

  7. Rachael said

    Wow, this is one of my favorite pictures of yours. Great shot!! I’m glad your wife coaxed you into it!!

  8. I really like this shot. Simple, but effective.

  9. Love the tones and shadows captured here… Very nice indeed…

  10. Cindy said

    Just proves that you should always listen to your wife! Fabulous shot.

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