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    I like this quote by Jacques-Henri Lartigue: “I take photographs with love, so I try to make them art objects. But I make them for myself first and foremost - that is important.”

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A Saturday Afternoon in Tavares

Posted by blueheronbobcat on April 18, 2010

Tavares is the County Seat of Lake County, Florida.  It’s a combination of the old and new, and it’s where the court house, jail, and most government agencies are located.   It’s also one of the many places in Central Florida where antique car enthusiasts love to gather.  These photos were all taken recently at a festival in the city, and they show some of the people and things that I observed.  I adjusted all of the photos with my normal sharpening, levels, etc. routine, and then I used Topaz Adjust to tone map them.  A border was then added.  Many people comment that my photos look almost like comics, but I like this look right now.  It’s probably a phase I’m going through.


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Posted by blueheronbobcat on April 7, 2010

This “Skyblazers” F-86F Sabre jet put on an exciting exhibition at the Tico Warbirds airshow in Titusville Florida recently. He was doing bombing and missile simulations, and did this napalm simulation as part of the show. I was panning on the speeding jet as it raced passed us, about 25 feet above the runway, when all of a sudden this huge ball of flames shot up from the ground. I immediately put the shutter in motion, hoping to get a shot as he flew past the flames. I was lucky, and got this photo.

Exif: 1/500 sec, f/18, ISO 200, 200mm (300mm 35mm equivalent)

"Skyblazers" F-86F Sabre

Here’s a few more photos of this exciting aircraft. (Click thumbnail for larger view)

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Western Worlds Largest Helicoptor

Posted by blueheronbobcat on March 25, 2010

This is the Sikorsky MH-53E helicoptor, also designated as the Sikorsky S-80, on exhibit recently at the Tico Warbirds airshow in Titusville Florida. It’s a huge machine used by the military.

I didn’t get to see it in action but based on information I found on the web: Sailors and Marines commonly refer to the Super Stallion as the “Hurricane Maker” because of the downwash the helicopter generates. (ref: CH-53E_Super_Stallion )

Sikorsky S-80

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Tico Warbirds Airshow – Part 1

Posted by blueheronbobcat on March 23, 2010

These are some photos from the 2010 Tico Warbirds airshow in Titusville, Fl.  The airshow portion was in the afternoon, but these photos were taken in the morning while walking around looking at the aircraft. I hope I have identified them properly. I tried to keep track of the different planes, but sometimes I got so involved in photographing them and looking around that I forgot to get the identification.

Aero Vodochody L-39C Albatros

Grumman OV-1D

B-25 Killer 'B'

Beechcraft T-34B Mentor military trainer

North American SNJ-6

North American T-6

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Lakeland Airshow

Posted by blueheronbobcat on March 12, 2010

I took this photo last year at the Lakeland Airshow. I’m going to the Tico Airshow soon and I have made a committment to myself to photograph the nameplate on each aircraft that I photograph so that I can identify them later. So, sorry, I don’t know the details about this aircraft, but I’m pretty sure it is a North American T-6.

Checker Board Aircraft at Lakeland Airshow

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