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  • This blog is mostly devoted to photography. I'm still learning, and each photograph I take teaches me more about how to do it better the next time.

    I like this quote by Jacques-Henri Lartigue: “I take photographs with love, so I try to make them art objects. But I make them for myself first and foremost - that is important.”

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Miami, from the eye of a Fish

Posted by blueheronbobcat on July 8, 2010

This is another of the Miami skyline photos from my recent visit there. Even though the Miami skyline is beautiful I didn’t want it to get boring just showing photos of the skyline from my point of view. So I decided to show the skyline through the eye of a fish. Well, not really….but you already knew that. I used a fisheye distortion filter on one of my photos to produce this effect.


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Miami Skyline

Posted by blueheronbobcat on June 6, 2010

I recently spent a few days in Miami and had a beautiful view of the city from my hotel room.  Although it was quite rainy each afternoon and evening, I was able to get a few good shots of the Miami skyline.  The first photo is one that was taken in the early evening.  The original photo was pretty but I applied a nighttime effect to it.  The second photo is a 3 shot HDR composite taken at night, and I did a pastel filter on it provided by NIK software.  So, to clarify a confusing explanation, the first photo is a daytime photo with a nighttime filter effect, and the second photo is a nighttime HDR composite that looks more like a daytime shot (except for the city lights which are illuminated).  Go figure….

Early evening shot with Night Time filter applied.

Nighttime HDR with pastel filter applied.

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